Even predators are hunted by something.

Zelara has spent her life dedicated to eradicating the Vampyre plague, and that commitment cost her everything.

When a choice with no true option leads her to being exiled from the only life she’s ever known, Zelara finds herself at the mercy of the very creatures she’s protected, and those that she’s hunted. Blood and pain have been some of the most prevalent things in her life, but stepping foot into a human village sets her onto a path of discovering the depths of each. On that path brings clarity to what it is inside blood that causes such pain, but she already knows...

Sometimes the things that hurt you the most are the things that don’t try to.

*The content for the entirety of the series can be based off this advisory. 

After leaving the Vampyre in Lensilia to be studied, Zelara, Hale, and Lor head out to escape from the stiffness of life inside an Elven realm. Going back to the start to begin fresh from Faltair leads them on a path of exploring the intricacies of Virin blessings. It also leads to learning of corruption at the heart of the very priests who bless and control them.
An unexpected addition to the party causes everyone to face hard truths about their situation, and it forces Zelara to confront her past, including parts of it that have long been put to rest.
Surviving the Vampyres is in some ways easy in comparison to surviving the pains of life.

White Mage, Eres, had been surviving, stranded in the middle of nowhere in a little house with an abusive husband. When two Virin come in one night and kill him, everything changes.
Agreeing to allow the Virin and two Elves to escort her to Shadowfel, the Mage city of Acaria, is a choice that alters the course of her life forever.
The party makes an unexpected discovery on the way, picking up a stray thief who’s determined to shake the foundation of everything. Both young women try to find their place in the group of extraordinary people life put them with, struggling with personal demons and attraction alike. But a refusal or inability to fit threatens to tear them apart before they truly attach to the party at all.

The forest surrounding the Mage City of Acaria, Shadowfel, is a dangerous place. Lycans patrol and hunt in the trees of Shadowfall Forest, and navigating safely would be difficult work even for a pairing of Virin on their own. Getting safely into the city without Mage protection from inside isn’t something taken on lightly, nor is dealing with the beings between the party and their destination.
The darkness living inside alters their journey entirely, when they’re led to a Black Mage alone inside the forest, and Taeryn finds herself determined to save him.

They had a plan—stay together, search for Mage journals for something good and important to do.
She had other plans.
When Zelara abandons the party in the night, she leaves a note for Taeryn telling her where she’s gone.
Lensilia, on her own, with the help of a Blue Mage.
When Warren is sent after her via magic, to give her time, the party remains split. Zelara and Warren spend time in Lensilia; the remainder of them take the long way, traveling by horse from Shadowfel with the addition of an Elf needing an escort back to her home.
Being determined to speak with Hale’s mother and face the truth sends Zelara and everyone she cares for on a path that can’t be turned back from.

Things have been shaken up in Lensilia. After making a decision to alter his personal life forever, King Lethian also has to deal with the repercussions and hard truths of the studies on the Vampyre plague.
The party awaits the results of theories that were tested, as to the true origin of Virin and whether or not they’re part Elven. Lethian enlists the help of Zelara and Xander to ensure his people have no intention to turn on him, while he does what he feels is best and right.
An accident by Zelara leads to a Vampyre attack on the whole of Lensilia, but unexpected allies arrive to aid them in their time of need, changing life forever.

Book 7 Coming Soon!

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