The Light Between Stars (In The Sky Series) by C. Miller

Amaranel’s life was spent in service with her god, all her days lived in the light and life of Linaire. Together, they healed the sick and the broken, mended body and spirit alike.
When her people are slaughtered in the night, only she remains. In following what’s considered a false god, the other elves refuse aid, leaving her alone to pick up the pieces and find any way to right the wrong that was done. The only means requires traveling through a land where Children of the Stars are not permitted.
Karjin is home to a race of humans who—even after the ending of their war—hold onto lingering prejudice and at times outright hatred of elves. And yet Amaranel feels their god himself is with her on her path of righteous justice, leading her to a long-cold trail of a deserter of Karjin. When the way to get where she must is illuminated for her, she finds where light existed all along.
On a journey of healing, perseverance, and faith, Amaranel discovers...
If the path of righteousness is taken alone, one must simply walk on to discover how far from alone they truly are and can be.

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