Regulator JCE-286 (Jaycee) has spent her entire life training to use her particular skillset. Genetically modified and engineered to alter her appearance, she’s always known it was just a matter of time before school would end and she’d be sent to work.

When she’s paired with a group of other Regulators, all of them considered only passable and none of them having stepped foot out of their facility . . . what could possibly go wrong? The Genome Soldier assigned as a bodyguard—and sometimes babysitter—helps them get their footing out in the real world as they learn about life beyond what they were taught. But what happens when he becomes a distraction for Jaycee, compromising the mission as a whole?

With the secret of their existence on the line, failure is not an option.

A story of love and friendship through the eyes of someone seeing the world and experiencing life for the first time.



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Font: Cloudsters designed by Sarid Ezra