The Touch of Fear by C. Miller

One message can change your life.

The day began like any other for Nicole, waitressing at an Italian restaurant in small-town Florida. But when a coworker’s cousin reaches out for help with an ominous text from someone she doesn’t know, the two young women begin walking together down a path of fear. Nicole is trying to help Victoria with her situation, not knowing that she’ll have to face her own when her path crosses with a K-9 handler for the local Sheriff’s Department. Though neither girl can take the difficulties from the other, they discover together...

Sometimes, a good friend can make all the difference.

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**The drug usage listed above refers to depictions of, meaning there are no scenes of actual drug usage in the book, nor do any of the main characters do any/them. But drug usage and the far-reaching harm of it is a theme in the book. (I don't often feel the need to clarify to this extent, but I did with this, likely because it's not in any way a common theme or thing in my books.)

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