Three years after mutually assured destruction, the survivors have been getting by in whatever ways they can.

Kylie Winters is part of a group that has survived by never staying in one place too long. They’ve made it through raiders and militarized organizations claiming to be rebuilding. But what happens when a new entity comes into play, large and established enough to make a difference one way or another?

When the birds fly south for the winter, they don’t realize that they’re flying straight into a trap, where they have to make a distinction as to whether they’re trapped for saving or something else entirely.

On a journey of pain and with a need for revenge, it can be difficult to take a look around to notice that the world is still spinning. Sometimes, you’ll find something so beautiful, you just can’t help it.

A story of family, friendship, and survival that explores what it means to be alive when the world has fallen to pieces.

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When the world has fallen to pieces, picking them up again can seem impossible.
After being found and joining an organization claiming to do just that, Kylie Winters begins settling in to life with her squad. It’s a time of strengthening and recovery, in more than just a physical sense. Learning how to function with her boys during both work and downtime takes effort, and friendships develop. But what about the one she feels more than friendship for?
Kylie’s used to fighting for her life. She’s used to fighting for her heart against people don’t deserve it.
What happens when you find people who do?

When Kylie Winters completes training and becomes a true member of her squad, she fully expects to start going out on missions. But a late-night confession leads to a decision that will alter the squad forever.
Being prepared to move on with life and let go of the things she’d been holding onto leads her to confiding the truth and full story of what happened to her family. Giving GO the names of two towns and the man who destroyed her entire life will bring her closer to ensuring what needs to be done is done.
One way or another, everything changes, and the past can't be buried until it's good and dead.

How do you return home when it’s been destroyed?
Kylie Winters and her squad are sent to her home to return with evidence against the man responsible for the deaths of her family. The cover mission they’re sent on leads to discovery of a nearby town overrun with raiders waiting to attack any and everyone from GO they possibly can.
With a massive fight on their hands along with the personal, they have to tread carefully to ensure a monster from her past doesn’t realize she’s still alive to speak the truth. They also have to stay alive long enough to get the job done.

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