Tradail is a kingdom so bloodthirsty they do nothing but go to war, training their citizens from childhood for that specific purpose.
For Alain, being a soldier is all she knows and all she wants in life, even if she disagrees when the Tradailian King chooses one war over another. King Tarlain’s decision causes her to no longer be fighting trained soldiers, instead slaughtering witches and warlocks hiding in the massive forest that separates her home from the kingdom she’d previously been at war with.
Alain makes a decision, one that sends her straight into enemy territory with a warlock so powerful she has no hope to kill him. There she’ll find herself able to do something she never could in her home—make her own choices.
With an eccentric witch who’s determined to make friends with her and that warlock who’s determined to prove her wrong, Alain finds herself doing the one thing she was sure she never would.
She finds herself questioning her loyalty to her kingdom.

Content Advisory

This book contains: 

Sensitive topics
Mature themes
Sexual content
Scenes and depictions of violence (including violence against women and children)

Due to mature themes and content, this book is recommended for ages 18+

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