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2023 November

Updated: 11/21/2023

It's been a while since I've posted on here, and I wanted to make sure I let everyone know a few things....

First, Carved Legacy Book 6, Eyes of Fire, is available now....
Second, I'm going to be taking a few personal days. By that, I mean... Taking days intended to be used for personal reasons and probably end up working to keep my mind off things. I'll still be available if anyone needs me, though perhaps not in the best headspace. An unexpected thing happened, and I'm still trying to wrap my head/spirit around it.

I want to wish everyone the absolute best holiday. I hope you all have lots of delicious food, that your days are filled with smiles, and that you hold your loved ones close.

Updated: 11/13/2023

Carved Legacy Book 5, Hale and the Thief, is out now!

I had another weird thing happen with this one beyond what I'd written about last (realized after having posted that). It was a large, weird issue with formatting, but I got that fixed!

The proof for the 6th book in the series is ordered and will (hopefully) be here later in the week.

I've had more than one moment of being torn about finishing this one now or doing the (short) pause halfway and releasing the trilogy between, but I'm not really a 'start and stop' kind of person. Unless I feel on me insides (said intentionally) that doing so would be the right thing, I'm going to keep going with this one! (Sometimes, an internal debate between logic and spirit occurs. I'll just about always go with the latter.)

I did take a minute and start reading on that trilogy the other day. Got a few chapters in, where it starts to get a little funny, and it brightened my day quite a bit. It's a lot different from my other books, in a lot of ways. I really am looking forward to going through it again and also the thought of putting it out into the world and maybe giving some people some stuff to laugh about here and there. (If people might enjoy a bit of 'unintentionally crass' humor....) Not in any way saying it doesn't have its serious bits. It's just nice to have some joys, laughter, and smiles.

I've been thoroughly enjoying going through Carved Legacy again, finding it interesting even still how different people alter the taste of life to what extents they do, and how certain people can brighten everything. Sometimes expectedly, sometimes unexpectedly. (It does have its moments of a similar wording of the above-mentioned humor, though 'unintentionally' would be removed....)

I don't know. I like the thought that life, in its ways, is a combination of the people that are in your life for whatever times they are--sometimes forever, sometimes not--and what alterations each person brings or has the potential to. And you offering parts of yourself to those people as well--sometimes knowingly, sometimes not--and having the capability of bringing about some sort of goodness, maybe when those people might need it most.

I'm rambling a bit, I know. I just love these books!
I hope that if anyone reads them, they love them too. ^.^

Updated: 11/07/2023

I keep having the weirdest things happen with proofs. Before these last two, I'd only ever had one get 'lost'. The proof for Carved Legacy Book 4, Shadows Fell and Fall (which is out now!) got lost and had to be reshipped. (Only this time unlike the one other time that happened, they actually notified me and just resent another one! 'Lost' is what I'm assuming happened?) Anyway, it got here, got it gone through, worked on.

Literally when I was on the last page for that, the proof for book 5 showed up (and a day early at that!). I opened it, and...

COMPLETELY wrong book. Something about 'monologues' (which is actually funny in about seven different ways due to situational things going on here, one being an author friend having sent me an email the same day about voice acting and such).
I actually had about twelve good laughs about the wrong book, it being what it was, and some other things related.

Anyway. I now have another proof for book 5 ordered, and it will hopefully (HOPEFULLY) be here later this week, in a couple of days.

Just a very strange thing in general, but 'life' is funny like that sometimes....

I've been working super hard in general. Not just with Carved Legacy, but I also got the rest of the covers (mostly) done for the trilogy I'm wanting to potentially put out soon. I'm either going to release those after Carved Legacy 5 (which is a good 'resting point' before the second half) or after all of them (probably at the half). Unless something unforeseen happens. If you read these, the trilogy I'm talking about is the one I mention often about being the funniest series I've ever written. It's a sci-fi thing, and I feel that if people like What Once Was, they very well might like this one too!

I've also been eating far too many cookies, which no one really needs to know about but is still something that's been going on with me nonetheless....

In some ways, that's really all that's going on here!

Updated: 11/03/2023

I hope that everyone is having a really great start to November!

I've been working hard on Carved Legacy here, trying to get all these books out! I'm glad with where they were at before I started with releasing them, and that it/they didn't need to be gone through seven thousand more times. (It sometimes feels like seven thousand....) Especially with it being 10 books! I've kind of been on a roll here, in a weird way!

Book 3, Whispers in the Dark, is available now!

The proof for book 4 was supposed to be here yesterday, but there must've been some sort of issue in transit. Another one got sent and will be here Sunday, I hope! Until then, I guess I'll be working on getting more of them formatted!

That's what I'll be doing, along with my crocheting at night before bed. ^.^

Hoping you're all well!!

2023 October

Updated: 10/31/2023

I'm working hard on getting Carved Legacy ready and out! Book 2, Exile, is out. The proof for the third book in the series should be getting here today, and the fourth later in the week! It'll take me a bit of time to read/go through each of them, then I'll be putting them out as well! (Excited about those, because I absolutely LOVE the covers. Can't wait for everyone to see them!) Really, in general, can't wait for people to meet these characters. Super excited about it!

I'll be spending my Halloween here with a certain vampyre hunter and friends!

I hope everyone has a super great holiday and that we all have lots of candy.......


Updated: 10/25/2023

I’m so happy to announce the release of Virin!

‘Vampires (Vampyres!) in October’ struck me hard, so being able to manage getting it out and ready is something I’m extremely excited about!
This is the start of my longest-running series, and an introduction into the world I’ve written the most books ‘in’ (even more than the world Reave is set in)!
The main series is 10 books long (unless I split the longest one, which I’m still as of this moment undecided on but leaning towards not), and it’s not the sort of series like The Ten Kingdoms, where Book 1 all on its own is or can be just fine. It’s . . . You release that one, they all gots to go.

So. This is what I’ll be working on for... QUITE A WHILE, probably. Getting this series out.


For those of you who really want to delve into something that can keep you company for a good, long while, this will be available!
And beyond the main series, there’s almost the same amount again of other books set in the same world!

Some of these characters are some of my favorite that I’ve ever written, and they’re some I’ve ‘spent the most time with’, so I’m EXTREMELY excited about other people finally being able to get to meet/know them too! I hope everyone enjoys it/them!! <3

Updated: 10/24/2023

Check back for big release news within the next day or so! (Hopefully later today....) ;D

Updated: 10/19/2023

Next proof is ordered and will be here soon. ;)

Updated: 10/11/2023

I just joined BookBub!

I wanted to attach a referral link, in case anyone wants to sign up. It seems like a pretty cool site thus far. We'll see! Or if you're already on there and want to follow me, I'll share the link to my profile!

Referral Link

I hope to see you on there!!

Updated: 10/08/2023

I have a few things I really would like to get done on here, mostly getting the links situation sorted. By that, I mean getting links for each book's alternative marketplaces up and available, for any readers in other countries. (The realization that I should do that hit me like a ton of bricks today!) I would go ahead and do it tonight, but I sleepies (said precisely as intended) and want to sit down with some popcorn, watch an episode of All Creatures Great and Small (one of my favorite shows!), then do some crocheting, wake up tomorrow hopefully bright and hopefully early so I can get to work on what I would REALLY like to get done, which is...

Vampires for October!

If you've visited my site many times (or talked to me), you might've heard something or other about my long-running fantasy series. That one's got vampires! (Yet is still distinctly fantasy rather than paranormal.)

I'm not 100% sure I'm going to be able to manage it, since we're already a little over a week into the month and I still have a (good) bit of work to do, but I'm going to try my absolute hardest. Hopefully I'll have more energy tomorrow. I've been so exhausted lately.... (Last month was definitely busy in every sense.)

Anyway. The plan is to (hopefully) get the link situation sorted while waiting for the proof for that, which is... a GOOD way off. Just know those things are on the agenda. And if you're a reader in another country, please know I'm thinking about you too! (I'm just a lot of times completely oblivious to the idea that people could be reading my books at all! Here, there, or anywhere. Might sound strange.)

Vampires for October has really hit me hard, and I'm going to try my best. And I'll try my best to utilize time as well as possible, to get all the things done that I need to get done. There's a lot!

Anyway (again), I hope everybody is doing super great!!

Also hope if anyone is reading on From the Ashes series that they're enjoying it a whole lot!

(I'm super excited about releasing more of my fantasy books. But I do also have the funniest series I've ever written, and that's been playing on my mind lately. Still. October. Vampires.)

Happy fall, y'all!

Updated 10/06/2023

All of FtA is available now! Woo! I'm super excited to be able to share another (complete) series with everyone! Links are up on the From the Ashes series page, along with information, content advisories, so on.

I also wrote up something like a 'review' for the entire series, but it's got a lot of personal things in it too. If anyone is interested, you can check that out!

FtA and Personal Things

I'm really hoping that everything is going great for everyone! And, as always, I hope that if you read these books that you enjoy them and come out the other side with something good!

Updated: 10/05/2023

Happy October, everybody!

I've gone through the proof of book 4 in FtA. I just have a few little last-minute things to get fixed, then I'll be hitting 'Publish'! (Hopefully a little later today, as long as nothing unforeseen happens!)

Check back within the next day or two for the entire series to be out! (Unless there's another weird issue with a 4-day turnaround! I'm hoping not.... hehe)

Book 4 is one of my favorites I've written, actually! I'm looking forward to other people being able to enjoy it, and to having another complete series out. :D

I'm hoping everyone is having a great start to a new month!

2023 September

Updated: 09/30/2023 (2)

If I would've just waited a good minute (a few hours), I could've said from the get-go: But New Life Rises is available now!

Would've been funny if it had gone live five minutes after I posted on here!

That's just life sometimes, though, isn't it? ;)

Updated: 09/30/2023

I've been hoping to get on here and make an update for days, thinking ANYTIME NOW. (Then repeating that maybe seven thousand times internally.)

When I hit 'Publish' on a book, it usually only takes 24 hours for a book to go live. I've had it take maybe JUST over that.

It's been four days since I hit 'Publish' on But New Life Rises (Book 3 in From the Ashes). The paperback edition has been live since the next morning, I believe.

The ebook still isn't live!

It's crazy. I did contact support, and there are no issues with it. (I guess the gears are just turning.... hehe)

Anyway, the paperback IS available, if that's your preferred format. The links for it and the book page on GoodReads are up on the From the Ashes series page. If you're waiting for the ebook...

I'm waiting with you! ha!

In good news...

The proof for the fourth book is on its way and will be here soon! Hopefully Book 3 will go fully live before I'm ready to hit 'Publish' on 4!

I'll be hoping for smooth sailing the rest of the way. (Getting into nothing about muscles gained from 'choppy seas' and such. I don't even have the mental energy to think about it!)

Anyway. With September coming to a close, I'll be hoping here that everyone is having that--smooth sailing, kind seas, and some lovely weather with beautiful views!

Updated: 09/22/2023

Can Never Be Again (Book 2 in From the Ashes) is available now! All the links are up and available on the From the Ashes series page. If you've been able to read What Once Was already, I hope you've been looking forward to this one!

3 is coming VERY soon, unless something unforeseen happens. Check back in a few days, if you're interested!

4 will take a little longer than a few days! ha I didn't manage to get it formatted in the space before 2 (and now 3) arrived (or will arrive). It still will also be coming soon, though!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Updated: 09/17/2023

In some ways, I don't have much to update. I'm still working hard on getting the From the Ashes series ready. I've done the last (pre-formatting) readthrough of the entire series and have most of the print edition of Book 2 ready. I still need to put finishing touches on the (front) cover/get it right and also get the back and spine done before sending off for the proof. I'm not sure if anyone cares about all this! ha! I guess I could've just said the second book will be coming soon (but not within the next day or so)! I'll be working on the ebook and then the print edition of Book 3 while waiting for 2 to get here. Then I'll read through the print, make sure everything is good to go, and it'll be put out there!

I'm really hoping that the plan for this going smoothly works out. If there's one thing I've learned about planning, it's that my plan gets overridden for a better one sometimes. haha
We'll call this the working plan. And the working plan (which is pretty set in my mind and seems like it could, in theory, go smoothly) would have the next three books getting out pretty fast from this point. We'll see!

I'll be working hard here!

I hope September is going great for everyone! I'm enjoying the cooler weather here on my breaks. I hope everyone else is too. ^.^

(I do also have several blog/post ideas in mind and some 'partially written' inside my head, but that's all on the backburner while I'm working. At least for now. Getting the books out is the priority for me. I hope everyone would rather read that/those! But the ideas for the posts are pretty cool ones. At least I think so!)

Updated: 09/08/2023

Reave is free today! If you've thought about reading one of my books and haven't yet, now is a good time to check that out!

I'm still hard at work here on getting the rest of the From the Ashes series ready to go!

Updated: 09/02/2023

As promised, the surprise mentioned is up there! (The release of What Once Was.) As I said above, I'm going to be working hard on getting the rest of the series out as quickly as possible. It's already written (and has been for years), and all I need to do is get them ready to go, which doesn't necessarily take LONG but takes time. I'll be working hard on that, as long as nothing weird happens!

I really hope everybody who reads What Once Was enjoys it!

Here is the surprise I've been mentioning in updates!

Another book is out!

This is one where I feel the need to say...

The content advisory is on the book page. hehe


You’ll know EXACTLY what you can expect from this book, I feel, in the first line. There’s not many (if any other) of my books I can say that about!

All that being said...

I’m extremely excited to share this one with everybody. Scared in some ways, of course, because it’s not just rough around edges but the entirety of itself. But excited.

As much as I love writing (and reading) fantasy, I’m really excited about releasing another non-fantasy book. I feel it just gives better way for certain things (though of course the same goes in reverse).

If you’re looking for a gritty, post-apocalyptic story with a main character who’s Southern as all get-out...

What Once Was might be the book you didn’t know you needed!

(Also, the cover is one of my favorites that I’ve ever made!)

I’d had plans to be releasing from two different series soon, but that intention changed. I’m going to be working on getting the remainder of this series out as soon as possible. (As long as nothing weird comes up.) It shouldn’t take long. I don’t want to give the timeframe I’m shooting for, but it’s soon! Be on the lookout for the next 3 books! And know I’m working hard here.

If you want more information, you can go to the book page or check out my ‘review’ for it.

Book Page

My ‘Review’ for What Once Was

2023 August

Updated 8/29/2023

Check back in a couple of days for an important update! There's a surprise coming. ;)

Updated 08/25/2023

Update and maybe a blog post coming soon! (Sorry it's been a while!)

Also, I did add some more pictures to Pig's Page, if anyone wants to go look!

Updated: 08/11/2023

It's been a weird week or so. I've kind of been bouncing around from one thing to another, getting things done, and yet not much is done, somehow? Weird how that works. Done a bit of mowing. My sister cut my hair. (And I love it!) I've been working on a blankie and started over on it PROBABLY six times. (Not exaggerating.) I'm telling myself that often the amount of effort one puts into something is a good sign of how much they care. Telling meself (said purposely)...

I just care a WHOLE lot.


I've been doing some personal things, working on some stuff in that sense, doing some work-work here and there, trying to get things figured out/sorted (in general and with work). It's funny how many times I've said the word 'work', but dangit if I don't love working hard. I TRIED to take a vacation (as you might read below). Me and 'relaxing' just doesn't work. I find it stressful to 'do nothing'.

I know I don't usually talk about personal stuff like this in these updates, but I figure that's okay. At least sometimes. ;)

That's kind of in a sense all there is for me to really talk about!

I hope August is going well for everyone!


Updated: 08/03/2023

Yesterday, I started working on a screenplay! It's something I've always wanted to do. I'm hoping it will at the very least stretch my writing. (It's EXTREMELY hard, especially when you're accustomed to writing books.)

This is what happens when I try to 'take a vacation'! I will be working hard on this (and likely feeling like I AM actually taking a vacation, at least I hope). If anyone wants or needs to get in contact with me, I'll be here. ^.^